Do we all care deeply what others think? And is it total bullshit when someone says they don’t?

What’s Not Said: When People Either Love Or Hate You

In this column, I talk about things other people think or say, but not out loud, and certainly not in public. No one wants to say, “People either Read...
Lisa Marie Basile    |   06.21.17   |   SHARE
"Look, I know it sucks to be rejected — but is social acceptance worth sacrificing the things that separate you from everyone else?" Image: Thinkstock

Your Need To Be Liked May Be Holding You Back

We really want people to like us. It’s just human nature. You may say you don’t care if people like you, and on the surface, that may be true. Read...
Matt Joseph Diaz    |   08.19.16   |   SHARE

The Slow Death of an Iconic Car: Whatever Happened to the Convertible?

Sales have dropped dramatically in recent years. The culprit? Smog, SUVs, technology and wealth. Read...
Jane Jones   |   06.12.14   |   SHARE