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Mystery Solved: #TrumpCantRead (Thanks, Samantha Bee!) 

Let me count the ways I LOVE Samantha Bee. (You're not Read...
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Yale Editors Write Snarky (Non) Non-Endorsement Of Clinton

Never before has a group of college students expressed such clever commitment… to the tax code. This morning, Read...
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The president needs to be a person who cares so much about the country that he or she wants to help make it the best place it can be.

How To Talk To Your Kids About The 2016 Presidential Election

We need to rethink government and politics, and perhaps the best way to do it is to visualize it the way we would explain it to our kids. Read...
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11 Reasons You Should Vote For Donald Over Hillary

At least he’s honest! Read...
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Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox.

Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox

Hillary embodies the different hats that women wear. Why so much criticism from the sisterhood when one hat is exchanged one for another? Read...
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