I was emotionally and physically depleted. Image: Thinkstock.

Surviving Postpartum Depression And Hypnagogic Hallucinations

She was beautiful; I wanted to love her. But there was this nagging voice inside me: "What if I can’t love this baby as much as my son? Is there Read...
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When I left sobbing it wasn’t from a breakthrough — it was out of annoyance and hopelessness. Image: Thinkstock.

The Endless Search For The Right Therapist

I’m not broken by this therapy failure. Jane wasn't the person to help me at this point of my life. Someone else WILL be. Read...
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“I feel like I’m a supporting character in my own life.”

Insightful Comments Psychologists Have Heard From Patients About Mental Illness

Thanks to awareness campaigns, programs and organisations, our general understanding and recognition of mental illness is improving. However, it’s Read...
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For the very first time, I was well and I was whole.

I Didn't Ask For Your Opinion On My Psych Meds

I don’t want your green smoothie recipe, your yoga pamphlet, or your Google search results on the meds I take. Read...
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Colorful pills spilling out of a bottle.

I Fought My Meds But My Meds Won

When we make medications seem like a failure rather than a simple necessity, we make the people who take them feel like failures, too. Read...
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Unlike Dr. B, Dr. Frasier Crane is listening. Image: Wikipedia

I Don't Hate People...But I Hate My Psychiatrist

I cried every single day of my life until I was 18 years old. I did not know this was abnormal. Read...
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Sometimes Our Bodies Fail Us

Anxiety collects in my gut like phlegm-thickened water when there is hair in the drain. It sits and builds and gets thicker and starts to smell gross. Read...
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New Case Sheds Overdue Light on Ireland's Archaic Abortion Laws

A young woman became pregnant after being raped, was denied an abortion and then forced to undergo an emergency C-section. Read...
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