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Sick, Sad World: Texas Teen's Rape Goes Viral as a Meme

16 year-old Jada was sexually assaulted. How did she find out? Via photos and videos of her naked body trending on social media. Read...
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New Zealand Opposition Party Offers Up Radical Shift in Rape Cases—In Stark Contrast to How Our Country Handles Sexual Assault

A New Zealand proposal has us fist-pumping. U.S., are you listening? Read...
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Sweet Justice Served: George Will Canned for Offensive Rape Victim Comments

Columnist George Will has officially been fired from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for his god-awful statements about rape. It's about damn time. Read...
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School Dress Codes: Slut-Shaming or Empowering?

Is it wrong for school officials to tell young women what they're wearing is too sexy? Or is regulating dress code good common sense? Read...
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Listful Thinking: 3 Awesome Ways to Deal with Harassment

Harassment—an issue very near and dear to our sense of safety and self esteem—is seemingly inevitable. Sorry. Luckily, some savvy sistahs have shared Read...
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Stop Lying, "Celebs!" We Know you Released that Sex Tape on Purpose!

No one likes a liar. In the case of faux sex tape leakings—most recently Mimi Faust of Love & Hip-Hop—these famous fibbers are causing more harm Read...
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Why Girl-On-Guy Rape is Hilarious and Other Dangerous Fallacies

Women raping men is suspiciously absent from most discussions that occur around female rape culture and prevention. And while male rape is certainly Read...
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Pakistani Girls FINALLY Taught that Rape is Unacceptable: Feminism Rejoices!

The goddesses of girl power shot bolts of lightening cheers today when it was announced that Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   02.26.14   |   SHARE
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