rape culture

One woman's story.

When The Rapist Looks Like The Good Guy

What would I say to the police if I was to report it? This idiot choked me and mashed his teeth against mine and I know what was on his mind, but we Read...
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"Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat" Shirt At Coachella: More Than One Man In A Tee

If only this issue were limited to one “godawful douchebag.” Read...
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#TheresNoPerfectVictim—Or Truth To The Belief That We, As A Society, Care About Rape Survivors At All

We don’t understand rape. We don’t understand consent. And we’re not—even a little bit—here for victims. Read...
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Blow The Roofie Off This Joint

Nail polish and straws put rape prevention squarely on the shoulders of women, a responsbility we've always borne. Read...

Is The Ridiculous Way I Talk About Sex A Key To Fixing Our Country's Issues With Consent?

Is referring to coitus as "doing sex" a revolutionary step forward? Read...
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Victim-Blaming “Anti-Rape” Campaign Gets The Makeover It Has Always Needed

Offensive "anti-rape" campaign posters are still up in the UK—7 years after the campaign ended. But fret not, a British tweeter is on it. Read...
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Watch: Country Music Video Shames Rapists

Kira Isabella and her song "Quarterback!" are an empowering revelation. Read...
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