Definitely use a back-up method of birth control until this problem gets worked out.

Pill Problems: Birth Control Recall Happening Now!

The FDA has announced that Mibelas 24 Fe pills, made by Lupin Pharmaceuticals, is under recall due to packaging errors that mixed up the active pills and the placebos. In the case of the recalled lot, the packets have 24 active pills, four placebo pills, then four more placebo pills. That’s too many days without the active pills and your body — your pregnancy risk just got a WHOLE LOT HIGHER.

Check out Graco's website to find out how to check your model number, and whether your car seat is affected by the recall.

Car Seat Recall Alert! Graco Is Recalling 25,000 Car Seats

Graco has issued a recall on 25,000 car seats, saying they cannot adequately restrain a child in the event of a crash.


Lululemon Is Recalled For Breaking Faces and Customers

Are you a fan of Lululemon? 

Buy a totes cute top lately? 

Careful girl, those suckas can hurt ya!