Welp, the Man-Cold is real.

Science Proves, The "Man-Cold" Isn't Just Men Being Extra AF

Turns out Captain Whinypant's feigned misery might be rooted in science.

Here are six more ways falling in love is like doing hard drugs. Consider yourself warned…

6 Ways Falling In Love Is Exactly Like Drug Addiction

This is your brain on love. And it’s scary.

image credit: Joni Edelman

What Do Mothers Around The Globe Know About Breastfeeding, That American Moms Don’t?   

Science, as it turns out, is not the answer to everything — certainly not breastfeeding.

image credit: Andrew Branch via Unsplash

But What If Spanking Your Kids Actually Works?

I don’t think I can say I learned anything from being hit, except for fear. I learned to be afraid of her.


Why You Should Go Ahead And Give Your Dog Table Scraps

Your dog was destined to be your best friend. It’s SCIENCE.


How To Overcome The Feeling Of Rejection

Rejection happens to everyone, in some way: Your kindergarten crush who called you gross, someone you love rejecting your identity, losing a job or a lover.

Butter: still food.

Butter's Officially Good Now, But As Far As I'm Concerned, It's Always Been Good

Yesterday, the big news in food science was that BUTTER ISN’T BAD FOR YOU AFTER ALL! It turns out that butter, like other saturated fats, isn’t the health demon-food that we were once told it was. I think now we’re supposed to do Kermit-arms and dance around rejoicing that we can butter our toast with impunity.

It has happened to so many people in such a consistent, freaky way that it is speculated by psychologists that sleep paralysis may be the source of the concepts of the night demons known as incubi and succubi.

I Thought I Was Being Attacked By Demons — Until I Found Out I Had Sleep Paralysis

It has also happened to countless others from every culture and time in human history: Sleep paralysis, a fairly common sleep disorder that has almost always been associated with supernatural horror.