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Nothing made me feel as bad as when I ghosted my therapist.

I Ghosted My Therapist And I Don’t Feel So Bad

I’ll admit it; I, Jennifer Sara Glantz, have ghosted my fair share of guys in New York City. Nothing made me feel as bad as when I ghosted my Read...
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Real self-care is respecting yourself instead of, quite literally, spoiling yourself.

Why Real Self-Care Is Not Just Buying Bubbly Scented Bath Oils

Self-care is a phrase so enthusiastically tossed about as of late that in many ways it has lost all meaning. In the same way “wellness” has gone, the Read...
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I had forgotten: absorption is the best kind of self-care.

Let The World Fall Away: A Single Mom's Path To Self-Care 

I had forgotten: absorption is the best kind of self-care. Read...
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I love to have new adventures and travel and meet new people, and a lot of that doesn’t involve having a snuggly child attached to me or pushing a stroller. And that’s okay.

I Love Being A Mom, But I Need My Freedom Too

For so long, I’ve defined myself as nothing other than a mom, and I think that was beginning to be a toxic thing for me. I’m so much more than “just Read...
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1. Everybody has concerns that need to be spoken aloud (literally).

4 Reasons Everyone Should Go To Therapy

Going to a therapist is like getting a regular physical. It’s good for your health and everyone should do it. Here are four reasons why the same can Read...
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The idea of a society where claiming you like the way you look is judged as both strange and an invitation for disagreement is, to me, very sad.

Face Positivity: Just As Important As Body Positivity?

Let this idea appeal to your insubordinate nature: the world wants me to not like my face, so guess what? I’ve decided I like it. Take that, world! Read...
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Photo by Geoffrey Arduini on Unsplash

I Woke Up At 6 AM For A Week & Here's What Happened

I decided to experiment. I would set my alarm and get up at 6 AM (or earlier) for seven days straight, no matter what. Read...
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 If we’re going to keep up our energy for worldwide protests and not become overwhelmed with exhaustion and despair, our self-care style needs to be a little more tough love than self-indulgence.

9 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself When You Feel The Whole World Is Collapsing

Real self-care: Forget pedicures and bubble baths. Read...
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