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Life's about more than appearances.

I've Gained Weight; It's Not The End Of The World

  So you’ve noticed I’ve gained weight… It’s not the end of the world. Really, it’s not. “I can’t make it Thursday night. Things have been crazy Read...
Jill Robbins    |   11.14.16   |   SHARE
Image Credit: Naomi August via Unsplash

The 6 Biggest Myths About Self-Care

You and I are creatures of habit. And our habit is to be busy. Occupied. Focused on creating and maintaining momentum and a functional life. Read...
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What do you mean "will I still be fun?" (Am I not fun when I don’t drink?)

I'm Still Fun When I Don't Drink, Right? 

The first step isn’t to admit I have a problem. I don’t. Before I stopped drinking, there was rarely anything to drink in the house apart from Read...
Liz Lazzara    |   09.8.16   |   SHARE

Self-Care Spoiler Alert: You Don't Do Enough Of It

This week, Aunt Ginger is taking a much needed sick day! Even purple-haired sex shop moguls have to slow down and remember to practice self-care. It' Read...
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Travel is a privilege. Image: Thinkstock.

4 Reasons I Sent My Toddler Across The Country — Without Me

Growing up, travel was a luxury that was simply out of reach, so I know firsthand that travel is a privilege that not everyone can enjoy. Read...
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The simple fact of realizing I had choices gave me freedom.

4 Things I Realized When I Discovered My Own Self-Worth

I wanted to keep people at a distance. I wanted sympathy and validation. I believed that I was inherently unworthy. However, lately, I’ve begun to Read...
Liz Lazzara    |   04.22.16   |   SHARE
Get. It. Girl.

My Ex Ridiculed Me For My Weight —​ How I Got Rid Of Him & The Shame

Use these 4 steps to shed those insecurities and rediscover a love and appreciation for your own body. Read...
Patty Blue Hayes of Your Tango    |   11.6.15   |   SHARE
Photographer Sada Reed: @triple_f_soul

6 Resourcing Tips For A Sensitive Soul

I urge all my fellow compassionates out there to learn that when someone says to you, “You’re too sensitive,” what they’re really saying is, “I’m not Read...
Rachel Otis    |   09.23.15   |   SHARE