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 If we’re going to keep up our energy for worldwide protests and not become overwhelmed with exhaustion and despair, our self-care style needs to be a little more tough love than self-indulgence.

9 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself When You Feel The Whole World Is Collapsing

Real self-care: Forget pedicures and bubble baths. Read...
Elizabeth Laura Nelson of SHESAID    |   07.26.17   |   SHARE
Give yourself some good ground rules for the next four years. (Image Credit: UnSplash/ Jerry Kiesewetter)

Maintaining Your Mental Health While Coping With Trumpland

Full Disclosure: Donald Trump is impacting my mental health.I was able to keep his persona at the periphery of my thoughts until he Read...
Marcia G. Yerman    |   01.25.17   |   SHARE
"Oh, would you like me to move? Too bad."

5 Reasons Cats Are Self-Care Gurus

Yet cats are more than awesome companions: By nature, they show many great self-care tips, especially for women. Read...
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