Self Esteem

Could my exes have learnt how to love someone fully and completely through their trial run with me?

What’s Wrong With Me? When All Your Exes Get Married After Dumping You

Could my exes have learnt how to love someone fully and completely through their trial run with me? Read...
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Sex + Love
Being naked feels so good that I half expect it to show up as the latest Gwenyth Paltrow-backed panacea on Goop.

Whenever I Hate My Body, I Get Naked

Some days I feel like a Botticelli, some days I feel like a sexy, dumpy baby. Even when I am naked, my frame of reference is limited. I have not seen Read...
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"I want her self-esteem to be independent of anyone else."

Why I Won't Let My Future Daughter Date Until She Knows Self-Love

Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Poison Ivy and other "Super" females are known for being mighty. Audiences recognize them for their shiny outfits and Read...
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Image: Amy Pence-Brown

Hey Bieber, I Can "Love Myself" Without Your Direction, TYVM

I'm an original fan of Justin Bieber, back when he was a young YouTube sensation with catchy tunes. Given the changes in the world surrounding body Read...
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Boobs vs. Brains: Making Amends With My Complicated Body

When I got boobs, I also got a body. A body that was (and is) not skinny. Read...
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4 EMPOWERING Reasons To Splurge On That Sexy Lingerie

By wearing and carefully selecting gorgeous lingerie every day, you develop a better sense of balance — a more conscious life. Read...
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Glamour Magazine Names Lupita Nyong'o "Woman Of The Year," Beauty And Race Collide (Again)

The acknowledgment of Lupita’s elegance begins a process to alleviate any future need to add "for a . . . " to the end of “You’re beautiful.” Read...
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In Defense Of Brandy Melville, The Size Zero Clothing Store

Many have spoken out about the way this small-size clothing store is destroying self-esteem. As a Brandy shopper myself, I disagree. Read...
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