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I’m not a trend setter or a trend follower; I have my own fashion sense that’s completely independent of what’s splashing across Instagram — although I am very in favor of the pastel hair dye trend.

Why I’ll Never Give Up My 90s Bangs

Some people would say my bangs make me look younger and I should grow them out, but I disagree. My bangs don’t magically change my appearance, but my Read...
Alaina Leary    |   06.29.17   |   SHARE

I Don't Like Being Naked — Don't Judge Me

All that to say, I’ve seen my share of naked bodies. I am glad that there are spaces where people can feel comfortable disrobing, and when we pass Read...
Olga Mecking    |   06.20.17   |   SHARE
For me, appreciating my body for all it is, all it’s done, and all it’s capable of was about so much more than sexuality. Image: Lori Garcia

The Shy Girl's Guide To Boudoir Photography

It’s OK to do something you normally wouldn’t do and for some reason, giving myself weird “permission” was what I needed. While it was true that Lori Read...
Lori Garcia of Babble    |   02.10.16   |   SHARE
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Boobs vs. Brains: Making Amends With My Complicated Body

When I got boobs, I also got a body. A body that was (and is) not skinny. Read...
Jenni Berrett   |   07.16.15   |   SHARE

Derriere Duty: The Downside of Being Curvy

I am not Kim Kardashian. But I look like Kim Kardashian. There are a million songs about my body, but very few songs about me. Read...
Fay Funk of Quail Bell Magazine    |   08.15.14   |   SHARE

Beauty's In the Eye of the Beholder (And Other American Myths)

As Americans we have fallen prey to a particular "look" —namely white and thin—and suffer from an inability to shatter it. The result? A backhanded Read...
Sarah Gladstone    |   04.21.14   |   SHARE