Despite my newfound awareness that I must practice self-compassion, I simply do not feel worthy of it.

Why I Must Commit To Self-Compassion

Will practicing self-compassion make me feel, or become, selfish? I cannot discern when to hold myself accountable versus when to cut myself slack. Read...
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I Am The Crisis Friend.

Comfort In Chaos: I Am The Crisis Friend

I don’t know what “normal” is — that is to be not in crisis — because I never knew normal, to begin with. I am the crisis friend. Read...
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Why Is It So Hard To Imagine Our Lives After Dieting?

Dieting isn’t just a practice; it’s a way of life. What do we do when we don’t have any more calories to count and we have to deal with the wide-open Read...
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I've Had Two Cosmetic Surgery Procedures—And My Relationship With Them Is Complicated 

When I lost sensitivity in my breasts and my husband didn’t show excitement about the augmentation, I got a little insecure. Read...
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Ana and Nayara

Cosmetic Surgery Gave Us Freedom And Confidence

Before the surgery, buying bikinis, bras or even a top was torment. Nothing would fit properly, I was always uncomfortable, and I suffered from low Read...
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Make Me Beautiful: The Psychology Of Our Love Affair With Plastic Surgery

From the U.S. to Brazil, why do so many women get plastic surgery? And should we really judge them for it? Read...
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Eye on the Prize: Miss Venezuela Surgery Obsessed, Sews Mesh to Tongue to Stop Eating

While Venezuelan women have long been on the societal radar of gasp-inducing passions for plastic surgery, a recent BBC 3 documentary, Extreme Read...
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