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Serena Williams Loses The US Open, Wins Feminism

Here's the truth, when a man argues with an umpire it's passion for the sport. When a woman does it, it's a meltdown or PMS or some nonsense. And Read...
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By si.robi (Williams S. WM16 (20)) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Serena And Me: Not Even Celebrity Moms Can “Have It All”

Watching Serena Williams’s difficult pregnancy, and health scares I saw her as a mere mortal for the first time in the documentary Serena And Me. Read...
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Let’s stop all this one-size-fits-all, unrealistic expectations approach to pregnancy, and let’s put our energy into making sure that pregnant people have the support and resources they need for themselves, their fetuses, and their kids. (Image Credit: Instagram/stylish_bump)

Please Don't Expect All Pregnant People To Be Serena Williams

The last thing pregnant folks need is the message that they can (and should) be able to work at the level of professional athletes and actors while Read...
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John McEnroe Insults Serena Williams, Proves, Once Again, That He's A Total Bastard

Bitch, please. Serena is like a million months pregnant and she could STILL whip your ass. Read...
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Serena Williams Crashes a Wedding: Funny or Inappropriate?

Tennis champ Serena Williams crashed a wedding in a leopard bathing suit. Was it wild and crazy or just plain rude? Read...
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