Sex Work

FOSTA: The New Nightmare For Sex Workers And The People Who Love Them

FOSTA isn't actually about making it harder to engage in sex trafficking — it's about making it easier to target and punish sex workers. Read...
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A 23-Year-Old Woman From Wisconsin Is Auctioning Her Virginity And I Am Here For It

Bailey Gibson is untouched and has the doctor’s note to prove it. And yes, she’s auctioning her virginity to the highest bidder. Read...
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We Need To Stop Making Assumptions About Sex Workers & Disabled Clients

In my role as a sex worker who sees clients with disabilities, I find I’m constantly learning about clear communication. Learning a lot…I’m Read...
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Screenshot taken from press conference footage in which Donald Trump tells a CNN reporter that he is "fake news." Very professional.

What You Need To Know About The Buzzfeed Memos On Donald Trump

Good lord, I don’t even know how to start this. Read...
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I brought up other instances the other women had shared with me about the double standards we face at the halfway house. Image: Thinkstock.

Letters From The Inside: Life In The Halfway House

Until recently, I had not experienced any adverse issues at the halfway house. I know a few other women that received write-ups for minor things, Read...
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Sex work is not a crime.

Jeremy Corbyn And The Decriminalization Of Sex Work

“If you believe in the decriminalisation of sex work,” Ian Dunt rightfully points out, “you will instantly come under a sustained and highly emotive Read...
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Human Sex Trafficking Victim Speaks: "I Was Drugged And Forced To Do Porn"

"Sex is a connection between two people," she says. "For women who have been trafficked or worked in the industry, that whole concept has been Read...
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Margaret Cho instagram screenshot

Sex Work And The Rage of Margaret Cho

Yesterday was day 8 of Margaret Cho’s 12 Days of Rage, and she posted a YouTube video about the Read...
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