Insatiable on Netflix

Netflix's New Show "Insatiable" Needs To Be Cancelled

Netflix's new show Insatiable is harmful! It continues the narrative around fat people being powerless and prey to the popular kids. Read...
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6 Reasons Why Our Kids Shouldn’t Be Watching 13 Reasons Why

Heavy things, especially those involving teenagers, ought to be discussed around the table or on the sofa. Read...
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Watch: Conan O’Brien’s Humble, Hilarious Hollywood Beginning

He’s such a natural in this music industry instructional sales video, Hollywood execs no doubt took notice. Read...
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Watch: What If the Are You Afraid of the Dark? Characters Never Escaped the Show?

Let’s just say, they wouldn’t be a particularly well-adjusted set of adults. Read...
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Watch: 1970s Japanese Spider-Man Takes Cheesiness to Glorious New Heights

Tokyo relied on this disco-era Spider-Man and his trusty robot friend to combat crime and delight audiences. Read...
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Watch: Sherlock Tastes the Bitterness of Deductive Defeat in Spot-On Spoof

The world’s most brilliant sleuth is having a real off day. Read...
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