That’s the thing about recovery: if you stick with it, it introduces you to yourself.

Addiction Recovery Forced Me To Sober Up About My Relationships

When I decided to get sober, I simply wanted help to stop drowning myself; I certainly didn’t envision digging up my painful relationship history. Read...
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Tindering Sober Feels Impossible

Tindering sober, I was faced with bearing all the uncomfortable feelings without alcohol to take the edge off. Dating is triggering. Emotions are Read...
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Imposter Syndrome: Learning To Banish My Inner Gremlin

99% of the time, I feel like a complete f*ck-up in grown up’s clothing. Read...
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What Happens To Your Sex Life When You Get Sober

I’ve talked a lot about the effect my sobriety has had on my Read...
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What do you mean "will I still be fun?" (Am I not fun when I don’t drink?)

I'm Still Fun When I Don't Drink, Right? 

The first step isn’t to admit I have a problem. I don’t. Before I stopped drinking, there was rarely anything to drink in the house apart from Read...
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It’s easy to dismiss addiction as someone else’s problem, especially when you don’t look like an addict. Image: Jen Simon.

What It's Like To Expose Your Biggest Secret To The World — And Watch It Go Viral

I admitted to being an opioid addict in The Washington Post. I never thought I would tell my parents about my addiction, let alone the entire world, Read...
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You can stay sober without AA — at least, I've been able to.

4 Ways I Stay Sober Without AA

Without a doubt, going to AA meetings saved my life. But after six years of devoted participation, my attendance dwindled until, about a year ago, I Read...
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Ask Erin: Am I Losing My Wife To Sobriety?

I’m afraid I’m going to lose my wife to AA. My wife and I are both in our mid 30s and we’ve been married for six years, together for nine. When we Read...
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