Have the awkward conversation. Fight for your friendship if it’s worth fighting for.

My Wealthy Friend: I Love You, But You’re Hurting Me

It’s Monday, 6 a.m. and Sarah, 30, wakes up — as she does five days a week (but really, it’s seven, because the body is a fickle thing). She has an Read...
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Behold, The Halloween Grinch! Wealthy Woman Doesn't Want To Give Candy To Poor Children

A woman from the "impoverished side of Greenwich or Beverly Hills" doesn't like poor trick-or-treaters. Read...
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Watch this Video Re-Humanize the Homeless

Every person has a story. Read...
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Lil' Kim Gave her Baby a Really Weird Name: So What?

Lil' Kim has named her newborn daughter Royal Reign. Yes, it's weird. But what's really in a name? Read...
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