PayPal is less evil than you think.

Do Your Research: PayPal And The "All-Male" Panel Debacle

I’m lucky enough to be in a business where current events of this type make their way to me with relative frequency, especially when shared by Read...
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SHOCKER: Men And Women Experience Pain Differently

As you might imagine, assuming that men and women are exactly the same hasn't worked out too well. Read...
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Marie Curie, one of many (many) female science pioneers (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Here's To The Women Who Changed Science—And The World

It's time we injected an updated set of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers into our conversations and classrooms. Read...
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Women In STEM Begins With Girls In STEM: 7 Ways To Support A Generation Of Young Women

Tackling the education system at its foundation can feel futile; here's how to foster progress and why it's important to society at large. Read...
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Women In STEM: The Cold Hard Stats And What To Do About Them

How can women in science and tech overcome sobering statistical realities? Read...

11 Ways Women See STEM As A 4-Letter Word

"STEM" usually stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math—but sometimes, it represents several roadblocks to those fields. Read...
Oh, don't mind me, looking fierce in a lab coat and all. Credit: Thinkstock

New GoldieBlox Video Challenges Beauty Standards—But Is Everyone Really "Beautiful"?

Instead of pretending everyone can be beautiful (they can't), why not challenge the very value of beauty? Read...
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