Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert never disappoints.

Net Neutrality In A Nutshell

This net neutrality things is sort of a nightmare, which (sadly) makes for pretty good Twitter action. Read...
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Hanks and Zoltar meet again.

Tom Hanks On Colbert: Revisits Zoltar (And More "Big" Nostalgia) 

Can you believe it’s been 28 years since Big came out? (deep sigh) It reminds MANY of us of our Read...
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Why We're Conflicted About Pink Floyd Including Stephen Hawking On Their New Album

It's no secret that Hawking's intelligence eclipses most, but does iconic brainpower in turn render him ripe for parody? Read...
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Why Don't Women Host Late Night T.V.?

Stephen Colbert is a fine choice to replace Letterman, but why not a lady for once? Here, we examine the not-very-funny state of female Read...
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Stephen Colbert to Take Over Late Show...and We're a Little Worried

CBS just announced that everyone's favorite faux Republican will be stepping into David Letterman's shoes. Are we really ready for the "real" Colbert? Read...
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Why Everyone in America Should Watch Stephen Colbert's Genius Rebuttal to #CancelColbert

Last night, the comedian addressed his mindless attackers while proving why we need him, and brilliant satire, in our lives. Read...
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Pussy Riot + Stephen Colbert = More Please!

Last night, Stephen Colbert met his match in sheer awesomeness when members of feminist punk band Pussy Riot, just released from a fiercely Read...
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