Stephen King

Take The Cake: The It Remake Got Everything Right Except Its Treatment Of Fat Characters

I have seen the same tropes of fat people for the entirety of my life. Personally, I am so ready for a remake on what fat people are capable of doing Read...
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Keep going forward.

Strap On Whenever It Seems Appropriate: Why This Quote Became My Life-Changing Mantra

After the breathless panting of my previous panic attack had converted over time to lust, I found myself with my new love having sex in the shower. Read...
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Say Hello To Vaginismus, The Locked Vagina Syndrome

The intricacies of happy vaginas are ever baffling. Thanks again, Nature, for throwing us through a loop with this rare and terrifying sexual Read...
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Sex + LoveBodies

Watch: Epic Rap Battle Between Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King

Bookworms will love this YouTube rap throwdown between a pair of literary masters. Read...
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