Wedding Guest Etiquette: 10 Dos And Don'ts This Wedding Season

Don’t: Overindulge at the free bar. Open bars can be a recipe for disaster if abused. Read...
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Photo By Henry Flores

Shorts For Every Body (Hi, Summer!) 

Shorts have always been my Super Girl Cape of sorts Read...
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The Existential Lifeguard: Flash Fiction

A bloated mother in her polka dot one-piece gnaws on a corndog while reading the romantic pulp she picked up on her way out of the supermarket . . . Read...
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 This would be Ben, not the intruder. Courtesy of ThinkStock

Confession: An Intruder Ruined My Date

By this point, I was pretty sure one dude would kill the other. If Ben died, there would be no fourth date. Read...
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Walmart Ice Cream Sandwiches Don’t Melt in the Sun, And That’s OK

Sure it seems like an unholy act against nature, but it turns out the chemistry involved here is nothing to worry about. Read...
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Here's Something We Don't Understand: "Another One Bites the Dust” Accompanied By Iconic Movie Screams

Queen, beloved blockbuster flicks and piercing shrieks? Pinch yourself, because you might be in heaven. Or hell. Or in a state of confusion. Read...
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Do We Really Only Use 10% of Our Brains?

The Scarlett Johannson thriller "Lucy" imagines what a person could accomplish with all brain-cylinders running. But are we actually already there? Read...
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Book Your Winter Vacay Now: Kate Spade Is Making Swimwear

While it's hard to imagine that two pieces were once tres scandalous, the belly button was once too risque for American women. Read...
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