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Before this trip, when I thought “Vienna,” I didn't think “plus-size paradise.” But holy shit. Image: Virgie Tovar.

Take The Cake: Fat Babes In Vienna

My favorite thing about this trip was that I spent my time in Vienna with fat feminists by my side every single day.... Occasionally, our bellies Read...
Virgie Tovar    |   05.5.16   |   SHARE
I want more memoirs by fat women of color that chronicle the complexity of our relationships to food, family, and culture.

Take The Cake: Roxane Gay Kinda Isn't My Idea Of A Shero

My problem is that somehow Hunger will be considered part of a conversation on changing the way we think of fat women when in fact it isn’t. I think Read...
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You look into the chocolate long enough and the chocolate looks back, girl. Image: supplied.

Take The Cake: Saint Mary Of The Chocolates

Jacob (boyfriend) lives walking distance to a See’s Candies. This means that half the week I live walking distance to a See’s Candies — which, if you Read...
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