It’s possible that the use of IUDs and other long-acting reliable contraceptives (LARCs) may be contributing to a rise in the sexually transmitted infection rate.

IUDs Aren't Exactly The Best, Follow-Up Study Shows

There’s been good news on the unintended pregnancy rate lately, what with Guttmacher Institute suggesting that the rise of IUDs is leading to a decline in unintended pregnancies. But the news, it turns out, isn’t all good.

Non-fiction for the young feminist.

5 Nonfiction Books For The Feminist Teenager In Your Life

One of the greatest pleasures of my librarian life is being able to introduce teenagers to books that broaden their worldview and strengthen their sense of self. While most of the heavy lifting in this area is done by the books and how the teens respond to their content, it’s an absolute privilege and pleasure to help a young reader find the perfect book.


Why I'm Giving Your Teenagers Condoms

"However, if you've ever met a teenager, you know that roughly 75% of them will never willingly walk into the school nurse's office and ask about birth control. But, even if they do, they still won't necessarily know which form is best for them, and they certainly won't be given the advice they need to dump that player and move on already. That's where us parents come in. Except, of course, that half of our kids won't talk to us about the ins and outs of sex and relationships."


Ask Momma Bare: Talking to Teens About Porn

Dear Momma Bare, 

Coconut oil. Hippie Lube.

Ask Momma Bare: Masturbation. Water Bills. HELP!

Help! My water bills have literally doubled since my 15-year-old-son hit puberty.


Abstinence-Based Sex Ed Doesn’t Work: Duh

Teaching sex ed the right way doesn’t have to be weird or hard.


Ask Momma Bare: Is My 15-year-old Having Sex? What Do I DO?

Your kid is gonna do some dumb stuff. Accept it.

The author and her teenager children

5 Things Friday: What Teens Want To Tell You

"They probably aren’t going to tell you if they are already, or are planning to have sex. Even if you ask. Even if they are doing it in your living room while you’re at work."