Did Looking At #SolarEclipse2017 Damage Your Retinas? A Quick Test 

The only thing more Googled than "how to treat a burn" (on the 4th of July), is "how to tell if I damaged my eyes" (today). Read...
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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

If you’re unsure of your favorite, take a look at the shades dominating your closet, the common color found in your accent pillows and decor, the Read...
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I am telling the truth. Aren’t I?

That Time I Took A Lie Detector Test

I’m terrified of wrongful imprisonment. To be the only one who knows the truth and have to live every day in a cell, wondering, why, god, why? [...] Read...
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New Study Says We Aren't Awful Shallow People

Congratulations! We think nice people are prettier. Read...
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Sex + Love

Are Personality Quizzes Psychological Hogwash?

From Myer-Briggs to Buzzfeed, why do we rely on quizzes to provide a sense of worth? Read...
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