Dietland is canceled. Insatiable will return. Because of course, it will.

The Fat Girl Gets The Boot: Dietland Is Canceled

Dietland is canceled. Yep the (apparently not popular enough) AMC show has received news that it won’t be renewed for a second season. Read...
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I remember what it was like to be thin.

I'm Happy In My Fat Body, But I Miss Being Thin

You do not have to hate your body — but you don’t have to love it either. While I'm happy with my fat body, I miss being thin. Read...
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Take The Cake: 7 Ways Thin People Romantically Exploit Fat People

Fat people often get so little attention that feels positive. When someone offers exploitative attention or exploits fat people it can feel really Read...
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Take the Cake: How To Kill The Dream Of Being Thin

It took me a long time to bury the dream of being thin. For some people it doesn’t take much to let go, and for others it’s a slow series of Read...
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5 Hacks To Help You Ignore Khloe Kardashian's Thin Obsession

Khloe Kardashian who has been touted as a “body positive” advocate, recently wrote a post called 5 Hacks to Look Thin AF in Your Pics. Read...
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He does not deserve praise for loving me despite my fat.

My Husband Does Not Get An Award For Loving Me Despite My Fat

If your partner does not love you because you are fat, that has nothing to do with your fat and everything to do with them being an ass. Read...
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We Can Talk About Being Too Thin; Why Can't We Talk About Being Too Fat?

As soon as we change the subject from thin to fat, we change the conversation from concern to hostility. Read...
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Beyond Before & After
There are plenty of fat people who are “healthy” and plenty of thin people who are incredibly “unhealthy.”

Why Losing Weight Isn't The Answer To All Your Health Woes

You can improve your health without losing weight! Read...
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