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In Support Of Ghosting

Is ghosting different in the world of online dating? I believe so. Read...
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Knowing What You Want (In Bed And In Life)

As I stand there staring, I realize my mouth is actually watering — I’m a split second away from literally drooling over this guy. Read...
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Chris Pratt lookalike?

Love Justin Bieber? New Dating App Lets You Search For Celebrity Lookalike

New dating app Badoo allows you to choose your next date based on whether they look like the celebrity of your choosing. Here's why that's a problem! Read...
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I know that, with or without a partner, cooking will always be my first love.

How I Cooked Myself Out Of A Digital Dating Depression

When a Tinder lover ghosted me cold after a month, I fell into a deep depression. There was no accountability in the digital dating world, where you Read...
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This case is the perfect example of the dangerous sense of entitlement men often feel towards women.

Man Sues Date For Texting (And 5 More Examples Of Toxic Masculinity In Dating Culture) 

While some outlets are going so far as to call this man a “hero,” this case is the perfect example of the dangerous sense of entitlement men often Read...
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I never realized that helping someone flip that internal switch may not lead to self-improvement.

Dating While (Semi) Damaged: Stop Trying To Change People

Dating While (Semi) Damaged is a column about returning to the dating world after an abusive relationship, offering insight and occasional advice. Read...
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First dates aren’t “the first step in the rest of your lives together."

A Romance Obsessed 23-Year-Old Goes On Her First Date

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was a 23-year-old who had never been on a date. Read...
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We are not just women, we are also secret spies with fantastic bullshit detectors.

A Letter To My Friend's Ex-Boyfriend 

“To the man who broke my beautiful friend’s heart…” Read...
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