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Confession: I Went On A First Date With A Bigoted Homophobe

I go to the bathroom, stare at myself in the mirror, and lament the fact that I'm an hour closer to death and I've spent it with a grade-A shithead. Read...
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HeadSpaces: Help! I Never Get Asked On A Second Date

I go on lots of first dates with the help of OkCupid and Tinder, but I can’t seem to get a guy to want to take me on a second date. What gives? Read...
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Mixxxer Founder, Michael Manes, Dishes The Dirt On Sex In The New Year

Curious what 2015 will hold for your not-so-scintillating sex life? Behold! The GPS-fueled sex app Mixxxer. Read...
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Paper Bag Dating: A Trend We Should Bag

It'd be nice if people didn't care about looks when selecting a partner. But that's not the way the human psyche works. Read...
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New Dating App Grades Profiles—But Can It Give You An A+ Relationship?    

"The Grade" gives report cards to online daters. As a tool for better dates, does it pass or fail? Read...
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Sad, But True: Here’s Why Personality-Based Dating Apps Will Never Work

We think we want someone “nice” with a “sparkling personality,” but in the primal crevices of our brains, online daters just want to bone hotties. Read...
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Science Reveals The Secret To Tinder's Runaway Success—And It's Kind Of Depressing

When it comes to love, algorithms and personalities are out, and looks are in. Read...
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Will Tinder's New Pay-to-Play Model Shift The Hook-Up Paradigm?

Tinder CEO/ Co-Founder, Sean Rad, announced that the dating app will be launching a paid option starting in early November. Yay or nay? Read...
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