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What I Learned While Tindering My Way Across The Country

A girl, her thumb, and her iPhone traverse the USA. Read...
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Watch: Disney Princesses Video Portrays How Prince Charming Is More Like Prince Problematic

Okay, seriously, the Beast is creepy. And Aladdin is a liar. And that's just for starters. Read...
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What If Carrie Bradshaw Had The Internet?

Ten years after the end of 'Sex and the City,' we can't help but wonder . . . what if Carrie Bradshaw did online dating? Read...
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Can Dating Apps and Kissing Selfies Help Stop Israeli-Palestinian Violence?

Can sex help bridge the ever-widening Arab-Israeli divide? One Tumblr page is seeking to answer that very question. Read...
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Are (Expensive) Professional Headshots the Next Frontier in Dating Apps?

Tinder Headshots can help you nab the love of your life—for a cool $150. Read...
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Swipe Left on Sexist Tinder Shitstorm: Co-founder Claims She Was Sexually Harassed

According to charges in a new lawsuit, Tinder execs are slimy, sexist sleazes. Read...
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Tinder and Grindr Use Skyrocket in Brazil: Is the World Cup the Place to Hook up? 

World cup condoms? Rise in Tindr use? What I wouldn't give to be in Brazil right now. Read...
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Shopping Meets Tinder: 5 Killer Apps for Techie Fashionistas

Addicted to Tinder's "swipe to like" technology? Kwoller, Mallzee, Hukkster and others now let you try it on bags and shoes. Read...
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