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8 Changes You Should Never Make For A Partner (And How To Know If You Are)

For example, when you start cutting friends out because of your partner, it's a sure-fire indicator that something isn't right here Read...
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Ask Erin: My Sister's Boyfriend Is Coming Between Us

That night, my sister's boyfriend sent me a text message saying “sweet dreams.” Read...
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9 Super Subtle Signs Your Partner Is Gaslighting You 

No, hun. You are not ‘too sensitive.’ But if your partner keeps saying that, you may be experiencing gaslighting. Read...
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Why I Brag About My Divorce

While I don’t introduce myself as “Hi I’m Nisha, and I’m divorced,” I do reveal this fact relatively quickly; actually, I brag about it. Read...
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How Name-Calling Damages Your Relationship

Name-Calling Hurts Your Partner. And You. And Your Relationship. Read...
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6 Signs Your Partner Is A Manipulative Person

Being manipulative is so entrenched in my personality, I’m often unaware I’m even doing it until the dust has settled. Read...
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Whenever I saw my friends in emotionally abusive relationships, I was always the first person to object and tell them they could do better.

I Was In An Abusive Relationship And I Had No Idea Until I Left

It’s going to take a while to build my self-esteem back up to where it was. But at least I know I can now recognize an emotionally abusive Read...
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If relationship drama is starting to play out like a bad reality show, it’s time to start acknowledging negative behavior.

6 Unhealthy Behaviors That Create Drama In A Marriage

Of course, attention is key to maintaining a healthy relationship, but if relationship drama is starting to play out like a bad reality show, it’s Read...
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