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If all of these women at the top food chain are coming out with such terrible stories of abuse, you can only imagine what it’s like at the bottom.

The Entertainment Industry Protects Abusers

The entertainment industry allows abuse to flourish and allows abusers to hide behind fancy titles and big credits. Read...
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Often, people like her are not told that their behavior is unacceptable. Everyone is too busy sucking it up and not wanting to cause more drama.

Ask Erin: How Do I Move On From Bullies?

"I know most of us have to deal with bullies, even as an adult, and I don't want to go spiraling every time someone is mean to me." Read...
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Ask Erin
This can go two ways. You stay at your job and stay miserable. You stay at your job but look for jobs. Which way works best? You guessed it.

5 Painfully Honest Things I Learned From Working In Toxic Offices

What do you do when your workplace is so toxic that it makes you sick? How do you take action then? What happens when you have nothing left to give? Read...
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