UK Warns LGBT Travelers Of Homophobic Laws In NC & MS

Yesterday, the the British Foreign Office updated its travel guidance regarding the US to reflect the risks to gay people who travel to North Carolina and Mississippi. The new laws passed in those states regarding the rights of LGBTQ people have made waves across the pond, and the Brits don’t want any of their own caught in a bigotry riptide.

I want to make the kids turn off their screens as I would in regular life back on the ground, but it seems like this is not the time to stick to rules or try for a parenting victory.

Screen Time Got My Family Through An 18-Hour Flight. I Regret Nothing.

Eighteen hours, even if prepared with reading and art material, snacks, and an upgrade to China Airline’s family couch seating, is still EIGHTEEN HOURS.

Best case scenario? A few hours of activity, then we all fall asleep comfortably. Worst case? Well, let's just say it involves blood splatter on those weird double-paned airplane window.

Not a 10?

Not A 10? Better Stay Home This Spring Break

Warning: The following is not an April fool’s joke. This week, the U.S.

In that moment, jumping into shark-infested waters felt like the most natural continuation of the journey.

I Conquered My Fear Of Turning 30 By Swimming With Sharks

“You’ll need to avoid splashing and kicking near the surface,” he said, warning that we’d only have 10 minutes in the water. Two of the guides would wait by the ladder to remove the snorkeling fins from our feet.

Just scream. Let it out. It feels really fucking good!

10 Things I Did To Recover From My Divorce

Want to go on a carbs and wine tour of Italy? Break out the leggings and go for it. This time is yours.


Maree Is Living For The Present

On the most important day of her life:

Go. Now.

European Travel 101

Even though there’s no shortage of condoms in the Netherlands, it’s easier if you have your own birth control. Even if your trip isn’t a booty call, you never know! And if desire hits, you’ll be ready with your favorite type of BC and brand.


Eugenia Chien

Muni Diaries reveals just how intriguing the in-between parts of our lives can be.