12. The sun.
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The United States Doesn't Care About Breastfeeding Or Formula — It Cares About Money

There is a lot of inaccurate and misleading marketing of breast milk substitutes, and the FDA skips along its merry corrupt way in response. Read...
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The Fourth holds none of the joy it has previously.

The Fourth Of July Is My Favorite Holiday, And I Want To Cancel It

The Fourth of July holds none of the joy it has previously. It’s not just the lousy president — it’s the fact that he was elected at all. Read...
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The Handmaid's Tale for real

10 Things To Pack For A Descent Into The Republic Of Gilead

The top news to drop today might be one of the worst things us lefty liberals have heard all week. Read...
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Trump's Order May End Family Separation At The Border, But The Damage Is Done

The problem isn’t the order, the problem is that the damage is done. Read...
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Help! My family loves Trump.

How To Love Your Family That Loves Trump 

Family is family and long after this president is out of office. Here is how I intend to keep my relationship even though my family loves Trump. Read...
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Democrats move toward impeaching Trump!

Well It Is About Time: Democrats Move Toward Impeaching Trump

A half-dozen dems have taken the first official moves toward impeaching Trump out of the White House (and with any luck, into the outer reaches of Read...
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Trump-eared dog (image credit @JVR1992)

This Dog Has A Cyst That Looks Like Donald Trump

Our President has been reduced to a sac of pus. That's how bad things have gotten. Yup, my dog has a cyst that looks like Donald Trump! Read...
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