Valentine's Day

Top 10 Romance-Killing Valentine's Day Gifts

Is the pending day of you-know-what getting you down? Are you looking for a way to send just the right kind of "hell to the no" love-message? Read...
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Be Mine, And Hers, And His: The Requisite Valentine's Themed Post On Polyamory

You could have a network, a community, of care and affection, one that isn’t funneled through a singular source. Read...
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Gluten: A Story of Love, Loss, And Processed Carbohydrates

I like to think of Valentine’s Day as another evening on my couch with an assortment of cheeses and confusing sexual fantasies about Jamie Oliver. Read...
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Reeva's Family Is Happy With Oscar Pistorius' Ruling, But Should Society Be?

Whether or not we believe justice was truly served, can we take solace with the knowledge that the sentencing was sufficient for the Steenkamp family? Read...
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She's Baaaaaack: "Princeton Mom" Susan Patton Offends Everybody But Us with Her Latest Marriage Blather

“Princeton Mom” Susan Patton is back in the news after publishing a Valentine’s Day piece in the Read...
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Alleged Murderer, Paralympic Champion Oscar Pistorius, to Go on Trial for Death of Girlfriend

Hearts collectively broke all across the globe last year on Valentine’s Day, but not for the usual love-lorn reasons. Oscar Pistorius—the Read...
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Key & Peele on Cunnilingus: "Do What She Says!"

You know, there are definite perks for a woman dating a woman. When you share the same equipment certain things are just ... easier. If you're dating Read...
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Medieval People Loved Dildos and Other Important Sex History

Bummed about being a singleton on the day of chocolates and flowers and I-Will-Always-Love-You Read...
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