Valentine's Day

A Love Letter to Best Friends Everywhere, You Are The Best Valentines

Dear BFFLs: In case you didn’t know, you are our Read...
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Sex + Love

Ready to Hit the Road for Love? Facebook Reveals the Top Cities for Panty-dropping and Marriage Material

It’s probably too late for this year's go around, but we’ve got intel for anyone looking to get lucky in love by next Valentine’s Day: Move Read...
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Valentines That Say Everything But I Love you

Previously, we offered up some Valentines Cards that provided that perfect element of Read...
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Celebrate Violence, Sex and Love All In One Convenient Day!

Ah, doesn’t Valentine’s Day bring out the best? Your Facebook newsfeed Read...
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Sex + Love

Hoping to Sleep Alone this Valentine's Day? Give Your Sweetie One of these Creepy-Weird Cards

If you’re grossed out by corporate Valentine’s sentiment these days, just wait til you get a load of Read...
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