You know what I love as much as, if not more than, vibrators? Vibrating gloves.

Incredible Inventions That Have Completely Revolutionized Sex

Sex-related health advances, toys, and tech have come a long way from one-size-fits-all-condoms or vibrators that are just varying degrees of the Read...
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Sex Drive Dead? Here Are 5 Ways To Bring It Back To Life

My favorite thing about being mentally ill, aside from the random emotional lability and people never taking you seriously because you're “crazy,” is Read...
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Everyone loves dolphins!

8 WTF Vibrators That'll Make You Question Everything

The world is a strange and wonderful place. And nothing is a true testament to just how bizarre things can get than if you look at the wide and wild Read...
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Yep. That's a vibrator.

Female Masturbation: How To Do It Right

"There are a number of anthropological reasons why men are so obsessed with their wieners — probably something to do with crop-dusting the landscape Read...
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Ask Momma Bare: I Want ALL The Sex. He Wants None. HELP.

This is about The Sex. I will be discussing vaginas, penises, vibrators, other adult-y things. You have been warned. Read...
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May Is Masturbation Month And I'm The 2%

You may have heard the old joke that 98% of people masturbate, and the other two percent are lying. Well, I guess that makes me a Read...
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From Angry Bees to Barbara Walters: Welcome to the Timeline of Good Vibrations

Barbara Walters has announced she loves to get randy with her vibrator, and no one's blushing. How did we get to this blissfully evolved place? Read...
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