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The crack of the whip on flesh is a sound I won’t easily forget. (image courtesy of the author)

I Attended A Whipping Ceremony In Ethiopia

I walked with my husband and our guide into the whipping ceremony. I knew what I was about to see, but I was woefully unprepared for how I would feel. Read...
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I somehow manage to forget from one summer to the next just how frustrating it can be to merely exist in public spaces when it’s warm outside. Image: Yegide Matthews/ Unsplash.

Summer Shouldn't Be Open Season On Women's Bodies

I decided to spend a few hours running errands in the summer sunshine while audaciously wearing a loose-fitting baby doll dress, comfy flats, and a Read...
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The Batgirl Variant Cover And Our All-Consuming Hunger For Violence Against Women 

Kidnapping and sexually compromising Batgirl at the hands of the Joker serves no purpose but to tantalize the rubbernecking mind. Read...
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Shame On You NBC: Law & Order SVU's GamerGate Episode Was 40 Minutes Of White Male Rape Fantasies

"The Intimidation Game" didn't confront violence against women. It whispered, “you can do it champ, the dream can be yours.” Read...
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On Gender And Self-Defense

A female and male instructor weigh in on how the genders can work together toward empowered self-defense. Read...
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I Tried To Write About Violence Against Women—But Couldn't Because Of Violence Against Women

Gender-based violence takes a personal toll—and then, by extension, an economic one. Read...
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A 14-year-old Syrian refugee in Lebanon holds a photograph of her fiancé. The marriage was arranged by her parents, but the child was unhappy. Credit: Facebook

16 Days Of Activism: Combating The Global Scourge Of Child Marriage

For this year's 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, the UN Refugee Agency is zeroing in on child marriage. Read...
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16 Days Of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

A UN campaign is shedding light on the global pandemic of violence against women. Read...
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