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Take The Cake: On International Women’s Day I Celebrate The 31% Stock Plummet of WW

I can think of few things more worthy of celebrating on International Women’s Day than the slow and very public decline of a company that has Read...
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Your body is not bad. Even if it is fat, it is not bad. Weight Watchers would have you believe it is.

7 Reasons Weight Watchers Is The Actual Worst (From A WW Veteran)

Weight Watchers point counting nonsense makes it impossible to just eat food. Food isn’t a mathematical equation; it’s meant to nourish your body. Read...
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Beyond Before & After
The Weight Watchers thing? Stop it. Sell your shares back. Image: Youtube.

Dear Oprah, Shut Up. #bread4ever

In February, you gave me that soul-punching gaze again and told me it's okay to eat bread while we obtain Our Best Bodies. You lost 26(!) pounds and Read...
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WHY, OPRAH? Image: Alan Light

Thanks But No Thanks, Oprah #DitchTheDiet2016

Shit. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t get so sassy right now. Oprah is practically second Read...
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Why Shonda Rhimes And Oprah’s Convo About Marriage Is Revolutionary

In her conversation with Winfrey, Rhimes admitted that one of the realizations she had is that she has no desire to get married. Read...
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Tom Ford (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

LGBT News Round-Up

Tom Ford, Oprah and Michael Sam are making headlines in the LGBT community. Read...
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Glamour Magazine Names Lupita Nyong'o "Woman Of The Year," Beauty And Race Collide (Again)

The acknowledgment of Lupita’s elegance begins a process to alleviate any future need to add "for a . . . " to the end of “You’re beautiful.” Read...
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Vanessa Williams Sheds Light on Female-on-Female Rape

In speaking out about being sexually victimized by a woman, Williams brings much-needed attention to an oft-dismissed facet of rape. Read...
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