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Serena And Me: Not Even Celebrity Moms Can “Have It All”

Watching Serena Williams’s difficult pregnancy, and health scares I saw her as a mere mortal for the first time in the documentary Serena And Me. Read...
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Abortion: Stories Women Tell

Abortion: Stories Women Tell, directed by Tracy Droz Tragos, looks at one of America’s most contentious debates through the prism of personal stories. Read...
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Can Leaving Me Out Of "Girls" Be A Good Thing? 

Over the years, Girls has been both praised and skewered for its niche portrayal of urban twenty-something life. I binged all the episodes last week Read...
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Exposing Scientology's Abuses Against Women

The new HBO documentary Going Clear sheds light on the cult's abusive, misogynistic practices. Read...
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Watch: John Oliver Unveils President Harding’s Raunchy Love Letters

The 20th century Commander-in-Chief sure had a naughty way with words. Read...
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The Leftovers is the Worst Show I've (Maybe) Ever Seen

Is science fiction considered so low-brow we're happy to dump a bunch of cusswords and clunky social commentary all over it and call it art? Read...
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True Detective-Inspired Advice For Children

This True Detective AT&T mash-up might not inspire as many phone contracts, but it could instill a sense of introspection in Read...
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