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Interior Designs: How Home Shapes Us

I wasn’t expecting to have a visceral response to observing someone I hardly knew do home renovations. Read...
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Savana Vernon and Elizabeth Elrod

Lemoore High School Sexual Assault Victims Speak Out

Brave Lemoore High School sexual assault victims are sharing their stories. These young women deserve more than just moral support. Read...
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Kids hate change and here's how to cope.

I HATE YOU AND I HATE IT HERE! (A Story Of Just How Much Kids Hate Change)

My two youngest kids must have told me they hate me at least a half dozen times an hour over three days. Kids hate change and here's how to cope. Read...
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Watching People Go Back To School Is Bittersweet Now That I’ve Graduated

September, for the first time in many years, wasn’t the start of any new beginnings. I’ve been in some form of school — general education in public Read...
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Why Am I Terrified Of Change?

Want to see me panic? Ask me what I’m going to be doing in 10 years. Read...
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Beyond Before & After
It’s never too late to start your life over again if you don’t like where you ended up.

It's Never Too Late To Start Your Life Over Again

Because you only get one shot at life. Read...
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Sure, I could probably use a few new life-hacks, but if I can figure out how to love my life in 2017, that will be more than enough.

A Better New Year's Resolution

My resolutions regularly remind me that I don’t think I am enough, just as I am. So this year, instead of focusing on habit changes, I'm more Read...
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The best changes in life are the ones you effect yourself.

#MondaysWithMatt: Don't Be Afraid To Change Your Life Plans

This week Matt talks about the new job he never expected to have, and how changing your career path isn't just perfectly normal — it shows how much Read...
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