5 Comments Bisexuals Are Tired of Hearing

Greedy. Confused. Slutty. If you’re bisexual, chances are you’ve heard these labels (and worse) thrown at you from all sides, probably even by people Read...
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Demisexuality isn't what you might think.

Demisexuality: The Common Sexual Orientation You Might Have But Not Know About

It’s frustrating that most identities on the asexuality spectrum are qualified by a “lack” of something — desire, intimacy, attraction. I wonder, Read...
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Let's demystify asexuality.

The Top 4 Questions I’m Asked When I Say I’m Asexual

3. Do you masturbate? First, what each person does with or to their body is nobody else’s business. Remember, asexuality is about sexual attraction Read...
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Intersectional feminism is inclusive feminism.

Ask A Feminist: What Is Intersectional Feminism?

Understanding that systems of oppression tend to cast a wide net is the easy part. Next is the hard part: How do we as feminists work to position Read...
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What It Means To Be Bisexual And Pass As Straight

While I have dated and slept with both men and women in my life, I happen to be married to a man. This fact automatically means that I “pass” in most Read...
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"Q" Is For Questioning

The Kinsey Scale test labeled me a 2, or, "predominately heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual," one notch above "equally heterosexual Read...
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The Subversive Gender Message In Mariah Carey's Latest Music Video

Sex and bodies don't clarify gender; they confuse the issue. Read...
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On Love, Christianity, Sexuality—And Pizza

A caterer's decision to not serve pizza at a LGBTQ wedding raises the question anew: Whatever happened to "love your neighbor"? Read...
Jeremy McKeen of The Good Men Project    |   04.19.15   |   SHARE
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