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Death Positive Video Game Goes Behind The Scenes In A Funeral Home

The interactivity of this Death Positive video game makes them the perfect medium to explore topics like death, grief, and mortality, Read...
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I would rather him spend his teenage years gaming with friends and going to geeky cons than drinking beer and trying to get laid.

My Kid Won't Play Organized Sports And I'm Thrilled

When my oldest son was a baby, my husband and I used to talk about what sports he would play. We imagined going to Friday night football games in Read...
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Don't be Krabby. Image: Ian Anderson

Your Disinterest In Things Doesn't Make You Cool Or Mature

Those who would find themselves genuinely excited about simple, fun things are often written off as losers with nothing better to do, while the jaded Read...
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I’m sure the Pokemon Go phenomenon will fade before long, but for the moment it’s just plain FUN that might even be good for you. Image: Eduardo Woo/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0).

6 Touching Stories From People Who Are Alleviating Mental Health Issues With Pokemon GO

I’m sure the Pokemon Go phenomenon will fade before long, but for the moment, it’s just dumb FUN that might even be good for you. The game cannot fix Read...
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I Set Out To Expose A Hate Movement In Gaming—So They Set Out To Destroy My Life

Picture the most heinous lies anyone could tell about you, but done publicly, in a way that will never disappear. Read...
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Dear Media: In Wake Of Death Threat, It's Time To Take A Stand Against GamerGate Violence

The Anita Sarkeesian death threat is just the beginning. This is a culture steeped in violent misogyny and white supremacy. Read...
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Courtesy of Sarkeesian's YouTube channel

Gaming Critic Anita Sarkeesian Forced To Flee Home Due To Misogynistic Death Threats

Anita Sarkeesian is no stranger to chauvinistic pigs, but this week they forced her out of her own home. Read...
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Dear Eron Gjoni, You Do Not Have The Right To Share And Shame The People Your Partner Cheated On You With 

A tale as old as rhyme: boy meets girl, gets his feelings hurt, and spreads her personal information on the internet. Here's my take on Zoe Quinn. Read...
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