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Bill Clinton's fictional collaboration with James Patterson will be a thriller on a missing president. If only.

Bill Clinton Is Writing A Fictional Thriller About A Missing President. Sounds Like A Dream Come True!

"The President Is Missing" will be a first foray into fiction by the former POTUS, who has previously written a lengthy memoir and books on policy. Read...
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Yeah, that's Steven Seagal (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr)

Just A Few Ways Politicians Dropped The Ball Today

One question here: why is a major government agency unable to fix its Twitter account for over a year? Two questions: Who is Marc Rich? Read...
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Media scrutiny of the former President and the Republican nominee’s cheating ways have become more contentious talking points than many of this year’s biggest issues.

Why Are Two Cheating Men At The Epicenter Of The Presidential Election?

Sunday night may very well have been Donald Trump’s last chance to appeal to female voters across the nation — a voting bloc that may very well Read...
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A look at what your magazines would say if Bill Clinton received the Michelle Obama treatment.

10 Remixed Misogynist Headlines For First Gentleman Bill Clinton

A look at what your magazines would say if Bill Clinton received the Michelle Obama treatment. Read...
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"Believe women."

In The Case Of Rape: Hillary Clinton Was Asked If We Should Believe Bill’s Accusers

Hillary Clinton wants you to “believe women”—as long as they’re not the ones who accused her husband of assaulting them. Read...
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Why Hillary Clinton Is Not A Dynastic Candidate 

With the prospect of another Bush/Clinton presidential contest looming as ominously as Donald Trump's hairpiece, the word "dynasty" seems to be Read...
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This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Romanian Politician('s Boobs) Make Headlines

Also this week: a pioneering Aussie politician releases her book, and Bill amps up speculation of a Hillary run. Read...
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Mary Robinson, baddest bitch around (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Ireland's Mary Robinson Will Definitely Make You Feel Like A Slacker

Robinson's touted as one of her country's most influential women. Also this week: Hillary heads to Iowa, and we meet France's political star. Read...
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