We all have 'em. It's how you choose to deal with insecurities that counts.

4 Ways To Manage Your Insecurities So They Don't Ruin Your Relationships

We all have 'em. It's how you choose to deal with insecurities that counts. Read...
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Photo by Marcos Luiz Photograph on Unsplash

I’m An Attractive, Successful Woman And Men Don’t Want To Date Me

I often wonder if the fact I have a successful career is why I have so much trouble finding Mr Right. Strong women intimidate boys, and excite men. Read...
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Photo credit: Emma Wondra Photography "I’m starting to worry that my friends are prettier than me."

What If My Friends Are Prettier Than Me?

From a young age, people (especially women) are constantly taught that we’re in competition with one another. Whether it’s our grades, our social Read...
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An Imagined Conversation With A Fashion Magazine

"But I'm your friend! I'm like your cool big sister that makes you feel insecure and unworthy 99% of the time!" Read...
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How To Keep Everyone At Arm’s Length And Never Enjoy An Authentic Human Connection: An Essential Guide

If you're trying to avoid a balanced life filled with real connections with others, I'm here to let you know—you too can realize this fantasy! Read...
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Karlie Kloss is insecure, too (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Even Supermodels Hate The Way They Look 

You know we have a cultural problem when even Karlie Kloss and Miranda Kerr aren't immune to physical insecurity. Read...
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Please don't cry. That will make it worse. If that's humanly possible. Thinkstock

Premature Ejaculation is All in His Head

While there's manual to the minds of the sexes, new research about premature ejaculation has shed some new light on this blush-inducing conundrum. Read...
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One Woman's Clever Campaign to Banish Selfies from her Newsfeed

To get rid of duck-faced selfies, a Napa photographer has made a surprising offer. Read...
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