Baby Joey as Barb! (all photos: Instagram @lauraiz)

This Baby Will Make You Forget About All The Yuck In The World (At Least For A Little While) 

Each and every day this month, I have been looking for brief escapes from the hell that is Read...
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“Showing skin isn’t exclusive to smaller girls. It’s okay for a plus-size woman to let her body breathe in her clothing,” [Mariposa] said.

'We Wear What We Want' Is The Body Positive Movement We All Need

LA-based plus-size model Simone Mariposa has sparked a social media chain of women who refuse to let the opinions of others dictate their clothing Read...
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Social media notoriously gives its users the opportunity to present their lives as perfect and conflict-free. Image: Thinkstock.

My Friend's Instagram Post About Her Miscarriage Changed How I See Social Media

I scrolled through my Instagram feed to catch a photo of a friend’s first tattoo. It was an abstract design that paid homage to her wedding venue, a Read...
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Instagram: IT’S NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Image: Joni Edelman.

An Imagined Conversation With Instagram

Instagram: Don’t eat it though, just hold it. With a stiff, outstretched arm in front of a whimsical mural on a decaying brick wall. Read...
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Peyton, Ella, and Max

My Nanny Saved My Life

Nannies are for mothers. Nannies pick up the "slack" for the mothers who aren't cutting it. Practically no one has ever said, “That guy is really not Read...
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Third Child Party Favors: My favor to you was providing booze and grilled meats. Image: Thinkstock.

To My Third Son On His First Birthday: I'm Sorry

My first child’s milestones were elaborately marked, photographed, and celebrated with much fanfare... My third child however? Not so much. His first Read...
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Those 24 hours unplugged were an interesting experience.

5 Things That Happen When You Lose Your Phone For 24 Hours

Being unable to post photos of funny signs outside of bars or live-tweet bad reality TV had more of an effect than I'd anticipated. Read...
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Not impressed. Image: Pixabay.

Why I'm Not Impressed By Your Perfect Instagram Feed

[CN: mention of suicide] It’s not all real. We don’t live curated lives that are built around purposeful omissions of reality... Read...
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