#TransformationTuesday Breakup—Heartbreaking or Genius Hoax?

The web is a'buzzing with recent social media documents (HA!) proving that a high school dude dumped his girlfriend through a hashtag and Instragram Read...
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@youdidnoteatthat: Delicious New Instagram Handle Calls Out Fashionistas' Fatty Food Choices

Our new favorite reason to check Instagram, @youdidnoteatthat, calls fashionistas out for gratuitous pics of mini cupcakes, milkshakes and other Read...
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Instagram Sensation "Grandma Betty" Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

She dances, she does a sublime duck face, she battles cancer. This 80-year-old dynamo is a wonder to behold. Read...
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The Saga of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Cut Those Crazy Kids a Break!

The Biebs has made a public plea on Instagram to get Gomez back (again). Sure, this seems insane, but when it comes to young love, such behaviors are Read...
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Fat Soldiers! Dating Computers! Snoop Dogg Raffle! Ravishly's Weird+Wonderful+WTF News Roundup

Once again, we've rounded up some of the day's most click-worthy, gawk-and-gape-and-guffaw news stories. Enjoy! Read...
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Breakings News: Benedict Cumberbatch Has Adorable Teen Doppelganger!

Benedict Cumberbatch, the dreamboat Brit nerd extraordinaire of Sherlock Holmes and Star Trek fame, has met his match...literally. Read...
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