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Confession: I'm An "Almost Alcoholic"

While I preferred to think of myself as the proverbially fun/quirky party girl, I came to realize my drinking had finally gone too far. Read...
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I Have A Thigh Gap—And It's Really Not All That Great

The elusive thigh gap doesn't ensure contentment. And I know because I have one. Read...
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10 Ways Masturbation is Good for You

Side effects include . . . awesomeness. Read...
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Anonymous Letter Found at SFO is Heartbreaking, Heroic

Internet hoax or heart-wrenching gem? Who cares—the self-love message is worth the (possible) self-delusion. Read...
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One Woman's Clever Campaign to Banish Selfies from her Newsfeed

To get rid of duck-faced selfies, a Napa photographer has made a surprising offer. Read...
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Watch: What Happens When Women See their Vaginas for the First Time?

It began with a Craigslist ad and ended with vagina revelations. Read...
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Why I Support #NotAllMen: The Man Who Showed Me Guys Can Be Anti-Misogyny, Too

#NotAllMen reminds us that living in fear of men doesn't do the gender justice. One moment in my life always helps me remember that. Read...
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