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You Ended the Friendship, Now What to do with the Ex-friend?

Handling an ex-friend can be more awkward than an ex love. Recently, we advised ya’lls to Read...
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Can You Ever Be Friends with your Ex? (Kind of.)

Ross and Rachel. Ted and Robin. What do these couples have in common? They tried to be friends after dating and straight chaos ensued. Sure Read...
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Medieval People Loved Dildos and Other Important Sex History

Bummed about being a singleton on the day of chocolates and flowers and I-Will-Always-Love-You Read...
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From Eating Disorder to Activism: Demi Lovato to Front Anorexia App

Recovery Record, an app that aims to help those suffering from an eating disorder, is jonesing for a Read...
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Forget ‘Friend Zone,’ You’re in the Danger Zone. (And Yeah, it's all your Fault!)

We’re all for retiring the phrase ‘friend zone.’ We're not gonna lie; we think it's a bit misogynistic and dumb. Besides, there are  Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   02.4.14   |   SHARE
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