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Living With A Compulsive Hair-Pulling Disorder

At the age of seven I started compulsively pulling out my eyelashes and eyebrows. I was later diagnosed with trichotillomania, a hair-pulling Read...
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Feeling Depressed Is Different Than Being Depressed

I'm not here to discredit your experience. What I'm here to say is that "feeling depressed" is a different beast than “having depression.” Read...
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9 Things This Mentally Ill Person Wishes You Would Stop (Or Start) Doing

Please stop gaslighting me. Stop telling me that my mental illness isn’t real. Read...
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#NoShameInMyMedGame #endstigma

Destigmatizing Psychiatric Meds Literally Saves Lives

Bipolar disorder is our legacy. Not a great one, but a legacy just the same. Medications keep me alive. Destigmatizing psychiatric meds saves lives! Read...
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For several years in my late 20s and early 30s, health anxiety had a stranglehold on my life — and it started from a scary place.

I Recovered From Health Anxiety (And So Can You)

These days, I can’t say I’m never hit with anxiety about an unexpected pain or a weird lump. But when fear creeps in, I stick to some helpful Read...
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People can be courageous and hardworking and still not get better.

What If I'm Not The "Right" Kind Of Mentally Ill?

People can be courageous and hardworking and still not get better. Because that’s what it means to have an illness; it isn’t predictable or Read...
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How Books And Media Helped Me Through A Depressive Episode

In a moment when I couldn’t write myself, it was the writing of others that brought me back from the brink of my depressive episode. Read...
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Sometimes mindfulness doesn't always work. So I started doing something different: knitting.

Knitting As A Form Of Therapy

The wonderful thing about knitting is that it combines mindfulness with mindlessness. You have to concentrate, sure, but you can easily lose yourself. Read...
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