IHOP Changed Their Name To IHOb — I Call Bullsh*t

In what might be the most absurd marketing move ever, IHOP has changed their name to IHOb. (The ‘b’ is Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   06.11.18   |   SHARE
Gender is a completely made up concept that exists to sell us more stuff more easily.

Gender Is Really Just A Construct To Sell Us Crap We Don't Need

At this point gender basically exists to sell us stuff. Read...
Natalie Slaughter of SHESAID    |   06.9.17   |   SHARE

Gym Gone Wild — Fatshaming Kids As A Marketing Ploy

In case there are people who need to be told this (and there shouldn’t be) fat shaming kids is never, ever ok. And it does not lead to healthier Read...
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"Tirimisu for Two: I would never just have my nails painted for my own pleasure and enjoyment. I’ve done this for you. For us. It’s all about snagging a partner." Image: Thinkstock

Weirdly Sexist Nail Polish Names, From The Eyeroll-Worthy To The Utterly Absurd

Chick Flick Cherry: If it’s about romance, it’s a chick flick. About love: chick flick. Maybe it’s about chickens. Poultry love. Either way: for you Read...
Jennifer Fliss    |   08.17.16   |   SHARE

The Hardest Working Counterculture Diva In Show Business

After dedicating all my efforts and hours of work and also spending some money to advertise and promote my “I’m Not Too Old to Give It Away" campaign Read...
Dolores De Luce    |   06.14.15   |   SHARE

Why Women's Sports Should Be Marketed To Everyone

Who says watching female athletes is boring or not as exciting as watching men? Not these little girls. Read...
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Credit: Twitter

Dear Corporate Brands: Please Stop Co-opting 9/11 For Profit

Some companies are even offering 9/11 discounts. Maybe #JustStop. Read...
Kelley Calkins   |   09.11.14   |   SHARE
American Apparel swimsuit ad

American Apparel's Sketchy CEO is Canned; We Rejoice

Dov Charney was let go in wake of a harassment scandal. But there's more to the story of his firing than that. Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   06.23.14   |   SHARE
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