I turned away from all things that mean the holidays to the average person. I was alone with myself.

What I Learned When I Spent Christmas And New Years Meditating         

Once I registered for the ten-day course, it dawned on me that I would spend the holidays alone, meditating. I was also leaving behind parts of Read...
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I remember the Christmas that completely killed our childhood wonder.

Exchanging Old Christmas Memories For New Ones       

My sister and I aren’t the only people damaged by Christmases past. We're taking back the holiday and building new Christmas memories. Read...
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I found clear parallels between Mawlid and another holiday back at home — Christmas. (Photo: Sabrina Toppa)

Mawlid: The Little-Known Muslim Holiday That Looks Like Christmas

Each winter, Muslims around the world mark the birth of the Prophet Muhammad during Mawlid, an annual holiday celebrating the prophet's arrival on Read...
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A Letter To Santa, From A Jewish Girl

A Letter To Santa, From A Jewish Girl 

This is a letter to Santa, from a Jewish girl. Shalom Santa, Do you remember me? I love you, Santa, and I’m just wondering why we can’t be friends. Read...
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Christmas was my family’s escape.

The Year Of The Christmas Tree

My mother was desperate for a tree, for a successful Christmas morning that brought joy and hope to our family after a year of hardship. Read...
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But now the jig was officially up. My daughter knew Santa isn't real.

Why Telling My Daughter "Santa Isn't Real" Was More Liberating Than Sad      

The jig was officially up. My daughter knew Santa isn't real. Had I ruined Christmas? Destroyed her sense of childlike wonder? Killed her holiday Read...
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My Family Doesn't Celebrate Holidays, But I Do 

Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa are nearly here. So, what do you do when your family doesn’t celebrate any holidays whatsoever? Read...
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Hanukkah — sometimes spelled Hanukka or Chanukah

Hanukkah Is Not Jewish Christmas

Both involve lights, a miracle, and fall on the 25th day of a winter month, but that’s about where the similarities end between Hanukkah and Read...
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